EXCITING NEWSFLASH: I am now using the name Ivor MacAskill and he/him pronouns. So I’m catching up with myself as I change my update my online presence. I’m still the same person, the same Glasgow-based live artist creating unique performances for children and adults. I’m just called Ivor now!

CONTACT: ivormacaskill@gmail.com

NEWS: MOOT MOOT at THE YARD 30OCT-10NOV : New show with Rosana Cade premiered at The Yard’s NOW18 Season in January. Supported by Fierce, The Marlborough Theatre and Arts Council England.   www.theyardtheatre.co.uk

THE POLAR BEARS GO UP : Fun show for 2-5 year olds. Touring to Beijing and Zhengzhou this Autumn, then to Perth’s Horsecross Theatre for Christmas – 12-23 DECEMBER www.horsecross.co.uk.

/// For older projects and particularly work for children, including the Polar Bears, please check out www.fishandgame.org.uk ///


Gendersaurus Rex


Polar Bears


“Consummately timed and hilarious…ingenious and hysterically funny…sharp, smart and seriously entertaining” ★★★★ The Herald, Glasgow It’s all about you and your opinions… so get in touch! Rosana Cade and Eilidh MacAskill take on the roles of doppelgänger radio hosts Barry and Barry, batting banter back and forth in a surreal phone-in talk show. Seeking connection with […]